Staff Spotlight


Helen Website-01

“It’s a great opportunity to see the families and their children get the support they need, and HPP is the best place to have their needs met. It’s like a family. Our families need resources for their children, therapy, housing and more support when their children go to school.

I am proud of putting a smile on each family’s face. HPP gives families hope, strength and support for their future.”



“I have an amazing team of colleagues that support me in doing very difficult work. We see parents at times of great crisis but also of great change. The majority of our clients need housing, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Calworks is only $569 per month for a mom with a child. It is impossible to live anywhere, let alone San Francisco. The income gap in San Francisco is too great, and our families are the most effected.  

HPP provides a safe place for families to bring their struggles and find real support. Our peer based model brings hope by showing that crisis can be temporary.”


“I work for a federal demonstration grant called Families Moving Forward (FMF). All of the families we serve have an open child welfare case, are homeless, and are dealing with substance abuse and/or mental health. My role is to facilitate the monthly family team meetings for all our families. Our goal is to help families address the worries of child welfare and help stabilize families with housing services and economic stability.

I am most proud of my fatherhood work at HPP. I have been facilitating the fatherhood group at HPP for almost six years. I help dads navigate through the child welfare system. At one time I was a participant of the group, and once my child welfare case was dismissed I was asked to facilitate the group.

HPP helps families navigate through systems and links them to services. The families I serve need housing, jobs, mental health services, substance abuse services, but most of all they need someone to listen to them. I feel like I am making a difference by giving back in my community.”


Schyneida Website-01

“I am a New Beginnings Case Manager working with high-risk pregnant women. I also am the liaison for the PATH program, which is temporary housing for pregnant women waiting for shelter. Most of my families are in need of stable housing and support to have a healthy baby born free of substances. The number one thing I am proud of is starting the Fatherhood Group six years ago and being able to watch it thrive and flourish.

  We provide the things every pregnant woman needs whether she can afford them or not. Our main focus is the well-being of our families. The work is hard but rewarding and we all love and support each other as a family and team.”

  Gilma Website-01

“HPP provides families with resources, housing assistance, prenatal care and other holistic tools for support and self care. Most families I work with are in need of a healthy and stable living arrangement. HPP is a very positive and inspiring environment to work in and is that loving home people crave for when the home they have cannot provide that. I feel proud providing support to those who are in need, just as I once was.”


Antoinette Web-01

“It is fun and very interesting to work at HPP. I help house homeless families with their move-in costs and sometimes first month’s rent or housing deposit. The look on our families’ faces when they pick up the keys to their new place makes me proud that I was able to help them get to a better place.

Most of our families need support and help with housing. HPP helps them get to a better place through housing, baby food and clothing, classes, support groups, case management and resources of all kinds. HPP has changed my life for the better in more ways than one. Its the best job and I love helping my clients.”

  Cristy Real Web-01

“I work on the wellness team as a Spanish group co-facilitator. I serve my community with love, passion and dedication. Our families get help in different ways such as clothing, diapers, toys, housing, parenting support and education. I proud that I trained to help two clients as a doula in General Hospital and have my certificate as an infant massage educator.

HPP is my second family. Every day I arrive with a big smile because I am so happy to serve my community.”

  Eli Web-01

“Through co-facilitation of the Fatherhood Group, outreach to Dads and co-chairing the Fatherhood Initiative, I have seen many fathers empowered to become or remain their children’s primary caregivers. Dads face very specific systemic challenges when trying to step up for their children and there are fewer resources available to them than for mothers, so this aspect of my work is crucial and very rewarding.

Most of our families need someone to really listen to them, to truly be heard and recognized with dignity. HPP provides a supportive atmosphere that encourages my professional development and makes working in this field sustainable. There is never any doubt that my work is recognized and appreciated.”

  Stefan Web-01

“I am the Housing Program Lead at HPP. My tasks include managing the Housing Workshop Team as well as co-facilitating the English Housing Workshops, being the agency’s liaison with the Season of Sharing Fund, collaborating with Tuft & Needle to provide mattresses for homeless families moving into stable housing, and being the point person for any housing-related questions.

I am most proud of how I care for my clients and the way in which I support them in closing the last step in getting housed. I am able to give them confidence in their move and future interactions with their landlords or property managers. I am also proud of bringing trainings specifically about LGBTQ+ realities and families and being involved in HPP’s Equity Workgroup that looks at racial injustice and other forms of oppression within the context of our agency. 

There is nowhere like HPP. Such care and intentionality is so important both in the work we do here for families as well as for ourselves.”