Stabilizing Families

HPP believes that building a strong foundation of stable support for families requires addressing issues related to mental health, domestic violence, and substance abuse in our clients’ lives, in addition to basic emergency needs and child care. Along with our case management and prenatal and parenting programs, HPP offers these critical support services:

Mental Health Wellness

Approximately 150 families a year participate in one-on-one child/parent counseling sessions. Mental health services and resources include:
  • One full-time and two part-time therapists onsite that offer private, one-on-one counseling for clients, including mother and child counseling, to help them evaluate themselves, their histories, and their environments to identify behavioral patterns or events that may influence the clients’ present situations.
  • A partnership with UCSF’s Child Trauma Research Project to support families healing from trauma.
  • Parent/peer support groups and parent/child playgroups
  • Through staff and volunteers, HPP offers ESL (English as Second Language), art, gardening, quilting and sewing classes which are both practical and therapeutic to clients.

Domestic Violence Services and Referrals

HPP offers critical services to families affected by domestic violence, starting with safe shelter. HPP then offers:
  • Support to file a police report, obtain a restraining order and connection with pro-bono legal services.
  • Crisis therapy for parents and children.
  • Ongoing, intensive group therapy sessions led by our Mental Health Program Supervisor and victim support groups.
  • Referrals to appropriate domestic violence providers (e.g., La Casa de las Madres, Riley Center and W.O.M.E.N. Inc.).

Child Welfare, Family Unification and Substance Abuse

Every year, HPP provides support for approximately 150 families seeking to reunify with their children. HPP case management and advocacy helps parents with substance abuse issues work to reunite their families. By partnering with City and County of San Francisco Human Services Agency, Child Protective Services, the courts, attorneys, hospitals, clinics, substance abuse treatment programs and other community-based organizations, HPP helps parents overcome addictions through three programs:
  • Family Treatment Court – for parents in recovery who are reunifying with their children through the San Francisco Superior Court.
  • New Beginnings – for pregnant women who are currently abusing substances or have abused drugs in the past 12 months.
  • Keeping Families Together – for parents who are alleged to have neglected or abused their children with substance abuse as a factor.
These programs guide and support parents to take the necessary steps (e.g., entering treatment programs, counseling, parenting classes, Narcotics Anonymous meetings) to reunite with their children who have been placed in foster care and/or avoid losing their children to foster care because of substance abuse.

Childcare Services for Clients

While parents received onsite services, trained child development staff cared for almost 800 children in HPP’s Childcare Center last year. Staff also helped the families of 110 children apply for subsidized childcare, pre-school and after-school programs. Childcare services include:
  • A drop-in childcare center is staffed by bilingual caregivers trained in child development that consult with Family Case Managers on childrens’ development
  • Weekly playgroups for parents and their children to strengthen parent/child bonds.
  • Assistance in applying for subsidized childcare programs and registering for free high-quality preschool.

Emergency Needs

HPP offers critical resources for families, helping them get through times of crisis. Services include:
  • Emergency food vouchers for groceries and meals including food bags supplied by the San Francisco Food Bank.
  • Fees for IDs, licenses, birth certificates; school supplies, and clothing for children and bus/cab fare to appointments, classes, job interviews, and for emergency medical situations.
  • Diapers, cribs, strollers and car seats.