In partnership with our families, break the cycle of childhood poverty

Purpose & Philosophy

By seizing the motivational opportunity created by pregnancy and parenthood, HPP joins with families to help them recognize their strengths and trust in their capacity to transform their lives.

Organizational Values for Working with Clients

  • We believe that people can change and they want a better life for themselves and their children.
  • Every mother wants to deliver a healthy baby and become a good parent.
  • We are committed to providing a non-judgmental, motivating and empowering environment that builds trust and strengthens the family.
  • We show respect to every client and treat them with empathy and compassion.
  • We are committed to providing a culturally sensitive environment and services to all families.
  • We recognize that people have strengths and do not need to depend on us or any other agency or system.
  • We never give up on anyone; they are always welcome to come back.
  • We believe in the importance of building a sense of community among families who have no other source of support.
  • HPP honors diversity ands respects the culture and dignity of each family.

Organizational Values for Staff and Agency

  • HPP works with individuals but also addresses the larger issues in society to create change; HPP is committed to fight against racism, poverty, sexism and homophobia and all forms of oppression.
  • We have the capacity to examine ourselves and be open to change to better serve families and fulfill our mission.
  • We are committed to investing in the community we serve by hiring and training individuals from the target population.
  • We are committed to helping staff reach their full potential by providing leadership development, education and training.